Beyond the aesthetics: Preparing yourself for rhinoplasty

As easy as plastic surgery seems today, it is less affordable than many think, especially for the youth. In fact, most people claim changing your facial features is quite contradictory if you preach about body positivity. However, we believe the ‘loving yourself’ process involves many changes, even to your outlook, may it be your physical appearance or behavior, as change is inevitable.

If you are a consenting adult and are as puzzled as various others about how to find the right surgeon, do not worry; we have got you! Before you go under the knife, let us uncover the pros and cons of rhinoplasty and how to prepare for it.

Why rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty near me ‘ is the top question related to plastic surgery on any search engine. Rhinoplasty is not solely for cosmetic purposes but also for other purposes as well such as:

Improved emotional wellbeing

Rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery, in general, can eliminate the thought of being self-conscious as it will profoundly affect one’s mental health in terms of physical appearance and how it can have a detrimental effect.

Facial benefits

  • Increasing or decreasing the nose size
  • Changing the shape or size of the nose tip
  • Making the nose leaner
  • Removing a bump from the bridge of the nose
  • Altering the size of the nostrils
  • Building up a nose that seems too flat
  • Flattening out a nose that seems too pointed

Various other pros can include better sleep, which is inversely proportional to depression, diabetes, and obesity, which can simultaneously be eliminated.

Preparing yourself

1.     The right decision

Deciding to undergo rhinoplasty will require your whole will and permission as it is not temporary but here to stay for the longest time. Establish your goals and expectations beforehand, or you will be disappointed if you trust the process. Ensure it is your personal choice and not due to peer pressure.

2.     The right surgeon

Many celebrities tend to hide their surgeons, as no one wants to reveal their beauty secrets, so the original credit is never given. This is why you need help finding your favorite influencer’s surgeon to quickly give you your dream body. Hence, please do your research accordingly by looking into their specialty, success rate, client reviews, and overall experience.

3.     But first, consult

This is the most crucial part of the process, as it will help you understand the whole procedure and determine whether you are taking the right step. Initially, your surgeon will discuss your medical history, primarily cartilage and bone health issues. Non-smokers have higher chances of passing this test.

This is when you disclose your previous surgeries or injuries, followed by an examination of your nasal structure. The result and overall flexibility will be discussed, ultimately finalizing the appointment. If something is lacking, the decision will be discontinued.

4.     Ready to take the risk?

There are two sides to any coin; similarly, along with its pros, rhinoplasty has its own cons, which are basically the risks.

You might have witnessed surgery failure in many celebrities; therefore, not all surgeries must work in your favor, so invest your time into your research to invest your money in the right surgeon.

The supposed risks can include bruising, infection, and, rarely, excessive bleeding. Blood clots can be another potential risk that can develop during the surgery. To eliminate these risks, most patients are advised to stop taking certain medications, vitamin E, and herbal supplements that can potentially contribute to blood thinning. Remember that understanding the risks beforehand can help you prepare yourself better.


During the first few weeks, limiting activities that could strain your nose is essential, which is why breathing exercises are recommended. Ice packs or cold compresses can also help you heal and reduce swelling. However, be mindful that complete healing can take some more time, which is mainly why doctors typically prescribe pain medication to control discomfort.

Key takeaway

The fruitful efforts of this process are to help you embrace your new look and, ultimately, make you more confident. Therefore, relax and pat yourself on the back, as every decision in this journey led you to this moment, so accept your new look. Kudos to yourself for your utmost bravery and choice.

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